Same Tech – For Home

Composting is now really easy and the purest form of compost can be generated at home using the most advanced technology available in the market.

· Home Bin- Collect kitchen waste (Maximum 2 kgs per day) and put it in the home bin after mixing well with biobac (Bacterial culture) and biofeed (accelerator).

· Repeat the same process till the 26th day.

· Start taking out the compost from the 27th day.

· Collect the liquid fertilizer from the leachate tank.


· Chacha bin- Most Progressive Design for home composting – Input Capacity of 350 grams waste per day.

· Mix it well with the biobac (bacterial culture) and biofeed (Accelerator)

· Home compost would be ready after 40 days.

· Collect the liquid fertilizer from the leachate tank below.

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