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Recycled Plastic



Industrial Plastic Shredding Machines

What makes KATRAN-rePlast™ necessary for effective waste management?



KATRAN makes recycling process of variety of plastic waste easier.

LDPE, HDPE, PET Bottles, PP, Packaging Wrapping Materials, Thermocol of any shape and size can be processed.



Shredding plastic at point of waste generation generate value in multiple direction. Storage, Handling, Transportation becomes much effective apart form value generated by material itself.



Waste Management needs to be carbon negative, less labour demanding, effective space utilization and non-intrusive to other daily operation. KATRAN targets and meets this requirnment.

Comes in various power capacities.

Multiple Shaft Configuration.

Design based on Input and Output Requirnement.

Input capacity range - 10 KG/hour to 1000 KG/hour.

Output size control range from 5 mm to 20 mm.

Machine running RPM - 15 RPM to 90 RPM as per requirnment.

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