Wet Autumn Leaves

Designed for Purpose

For Dry Leaves Shredding, Small Branches


KATRAN Leaf Shredders comes in Two Variants allowing us to choose depending upon requirnment.

1) Katran - Leaf Shredders HS - High Speed

2) Katran - Leaf Shredders LS - Low Speed Dual Shaft

KATRAN Low Speed, Dual Shaft Leaf Shredders can shred all types of dry, semi-dry leaves in secure, noiseless operation. It can take small branches up to 1 cm in diameter too. The machine is designed for accurate output size making mulching, composting of leaves easier.

KATRAN High-Speed leaf shredder is a low-cost alternative to the dual shaft, low-speed machine. It takes all dry, semi-dry leaves. However, is operation is not as silent as low-speed machine.

KATRAN High Speed,

Low-Cost Alternative Machine

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