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Our Banana Is Hero Banana. #FunRead #StoryOfBanana

Let me start with the story of a banana. The journey started from a village farm. After completing its maturity cycle he traveled to market. In the process, some of the fellow members got attacked by insects, got mashed up but not our banana.

Our Banana Is Hero Banana.

It passed the first test with flying colors while some fellow went to market garbage bin along with other communities like grapes, oranges, etc. The journey continued in the market for a while. He saw a dustbin in market, filled with fellow bananas, grapes, potatoes. All other junk piled over each-other and had no space to breathe. They soon started degrading and rotting. Our Banana is Scared & Sad Banana.

One very fine day a beautiful basket came to rescue our Hero Banana. He always had dreamed of a nice house. He was staged at the center of the house in a golden throne. The whole house smelled fresh and enlightening. What made even more exciting was his mates together in that bunch. While screening the household, he spotted a composting bin. Just in a fraction whole market life flashed in front of his eyes. Our Banana knew that he is not going to rot to end of life. Not only he will be honorably buried after his current nutrition supply, but he will also even be able to contribute to Mother Nature as manure. Now he was sure he will not end up in the dump yard.

Our Banana got a happy home, composting home.

What if all our homes be like composting home and ensure that waste gets converted something resourceful instead of going to Landfills. Soon there would be no need for one. Our little pro activity gesture can help millions stay disease-free and make all Banana a Hero Banana.

Composting Home, Happy Home



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